About us

About Us

Arizona Security Group is dedicated to bringing the most up to date training material regarding security and awareness topics.

We also strive in giving our customers and clients complete satisfaction that all their training needs will be met with a professional manner.


Meet the team behind the name
Chief Operations OfficerMikemike.simon@azsecuritygroup.com
Mike started his career serving in the United States Marine Corps not only in the tradition role, but as an instructor, advisor and planner for over 10 years focusing on urban warfare and physical security.
Clint started his professional career in the Marines as an Infantry Rifleman. Departing the Corps, he has served in the law enforcement and security world in every capacity from officer, guard, to owner operator.
AZ DPS Badge

AZ DPS License

AZSG maintains an Arizona Department of Public Safety security guard agency license. This is to sponsor unarmed and armed guards in obtianing their individual guard cards to assist with rapid employment of the student after completion of training. 

While we maintain an agency license, AZSG does not engage in, or offer security guard and patrol services. This ensures there is no competition to our clients, and allows us to provide the best possible level of service we can. We are simply a training organization here to assist students in obtaining the vital training they need to start and maintain a career in the security industry.
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