8 Hour Unarmed Guard Card Course

For New & 2 Year Renewal

Unarmed Security Guard Card
8 Hour Course

This is the AZ DPS approved 8 hour unarmed security guard card course for both new and renewing security guards. This is our ground (in-person) course.

Course Information

The unarmed guard card class is an 8 hour classroom training session. When you complete the class you will have the basic knowledge to qualify for the Arizona unarmed guard card. This class will also satisfy the requirements for a renewal license every 2 years as the new and renewal courses are the same.

This class is for ground, in person training. Our online unarmed guard card course can be found here: 8 Hour Unarmed Guard Card Course Online.

Unarmed classes are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8am-4pm at our Tempe Location, unless otherwise noted on our calendar. All required paperwork is included in the cost of the course, but does not include the AZ DPS licensing fees.

The course consists of several basic topics that will allow students to gain a solid understanding of the functions, roles and responsibilities of security work in Arizona. All course material is approved by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Introduction to Security
Security Guard Procedures
Use of Force
Arizona Revised Statutes
First Response
Crime Scene Preservation
Emergency Response


  • Introduction to Security
  • Communications
  • Security Procedures
  • Use of Force
  • Arizona Revised Statutes
  • First Reponse
  • Emergency Response
  • Crime Scene Preservation
  • Ethics
  • Unifroms
Thse are some of the bigger topics covered in the course, there are many more. Students will get a generalized overview of the security industry, and a basic understanding of how things work. The student's company will provide additional in-house training specific to the company, or post to be worked.


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