8 Hour Armed Guard Card Refresher Course

8 Hour Armed Guard Card Refresher

The armed guard card refresher class is an 8 hour course designed for already licensed armed guards to satisfy their requirement to qualify on the range annualy. All students must demonstrate a knowledge and proficiency of armed security guard issues by passing a written test with a minimum score of 70 percent at the conclusion of the class. Students will also be required to display shooting proficiency by firing a 50 round qualification and achieving a score of at least 70 percent. In total, a minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition will be used during this course. At the conclusion of the course, for those interested and qualified, we will assist students with their application for an Arizona Concealed Carry Permit (CCW).

Armed refresher classes are held once a month on Saturdays & Sundays from 8am-4pm each day at our Tempe Location, in conjunction with the 16 hour course. Those taking the refresher course are only required to attend on the second day, typically Sunday. Check our calendar for course dates. All paperwork, fingerprints and photographs are included in the cost of the course, but does not include the AZ DPS licensing fees.

hideWarning! No live firearms or ammunition allowed in class at any time! Keep firearms in your vehicle, do not bring into class.hide
hideNotice! This is a competency based course! You must pass range qualification & a written test! Mere attendance doesn't count towards completion.hide


Prints & Photos Included

At the completion of each class, students are guided through the paperwork process to ensure a smooth application with DPS. This includes fingerprinting, and photographs. We will even make a copy of your photo ID to include with your packet.


Course & License Fees

The cost of this course is $75. The course fee does not include any license fees paid to AZ DPS.The AZ CCW permit paperwork is offered free of charge to those who qualify, however, the permit fee of $60 is still required to be paid to AZ DPS. As of 2019, the cost of the unarmed guard license is $122. DPS can only accept the following forms of payment, made payable to the Arizona Department of Public Safety: cashier’s check, money order, check drawn on a business account or cash in the exact amount.