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Certified Security Professional

In 2021 the Arizona Security Group developed the Certified Security Professional Certification (CSP) in order to set a professional standard for Security Officers.

Program Information

Designed for individuals looking to start a career in the security guard and patrol industry or wanting to enhance their standing within the security industry, the CSP program offers 40 hours of training to get the fundamentals of security licensing, with the ability to obtain a professional certification that relates to the security industry.

This program involves the following courses:

  • 8 hr. unarmed guard course
  • 16 hr. armed guard course
  • Basic first aid
  • Handcuffing
  • Baton
  • OC spray
Students have three options in order to obtain this sought-after certification.

Option 1 - 40-hour program
The 40-hour program will allow to students to complete the certification program all at once, with back to back training courses.

Fee for this program is $775. This includes all training costs, manuals, and license fees.

Option 2- Hybrid Option - Spread throughout the year
Students can complete each course at their convenience throughout the year. Classes will be scheduled throughout the year in order to assist with meeting this option.

Course fees are paid separately and theCSP certification will be awarded once all the above courses are completed.

All courses must be attended within the same calendar year.

A processing fee of 99.00 will be charged in order to obtain the CSP.

Option 3
If an individual feels that they meet all the requirements above, they can submit a copy of their resume and copies of all relevant training records to our accreditation panel for verification. Once the credentials are verified a CSP certification will be awarded. A processing fee of 99.00 applies to this process in order to obtain the CSP.
All training records must be within the last 5 years in order to meet accreditation standards.

Industry grade
This program was developed in order to meet the high security standards that companies come to expect in a well qualified Security Officer. AZG’s training courses and programs are designed to bring a greater level of professionalism and awareness to the security industry. This program meets and exceeds state training standards.

Below is a list of certifications that an individual will be obtaining during this program.

Guard Card

Guard Card

Weapons Permit

OC Spray

First Aid
CPR Card

ASP Tactical

ASP Tactical


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