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Scene Preservation & First Response


Unarmed Security Guard Card Class Online

Arizona Security Group is proud to announce we are the first in Arizona to have a fully qualified, online unarmed guard card class! This is the equivalent of the 8 hour classroom only training session. When you complete the class you will have the basic knowledge to qualify for the Arizona unarmed guard card. This class will also satisfy the requirements for a renewal license every 2 years as the new and renewal courses are the same.

The course consists of several basic topics that will allow students to gain a solid understanding of the functions, roles and responsibilities of security work in Arizona. The course is broken down into modules with lessons, and must be completed in order. Students can stop or pause training to fit their schedule. Once started, the course must be completed within 90 days.

In order to complete the course, all lessons must be completed, and the final exam must be passed with an average score of 70% or better.

Only 2 attempts are allowed for each quiz and the final exam - if the final exam is failed 2 times, the course is failed and you will be required to take the course again at cost.

Students will receive via email, AZ DPS Unarmed Security Guard Registration Application and Training Verification Form.

Most documents are delivered within 3 business days (does not include weekends or holidays).

YOUR GUARD CARD PAPERWORK WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS OF COMPLETION TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS ON FILE WITH YOUR ACCOUNT! Your paperwork will be filled out using the information on your profile - check your profile for complete information, otherwise your paperwork will be incorrect, and AZSG may NOT re-issue updated forms!

All course material is approved by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and includes topics such as:


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3 Months: $ 52.00
Scene Preservation & First Response

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